Wholesale Terms and Conditions

The minimum order amount for orders is €200,-. The average delivery time is 1- 4 weeks. For an initial order, we ask for prepayment. You'll receive an overview right after ordering. After calculating the shipping costs, the final invoice and bank information will be sent. For re-orders, the invoices will be send when the order is [...]

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Shipping Costs

Country / zone Shipping cost (ex. VAT) Nederland  €                            6,95  (free shipping >500 €) Belgium  €                          10,00 Germany  €                          10,50 France  €                          15,90 United Kingdom  €                          18,00 Italy  €                          17,50 Austria  €                          16,00 Luxemburg  €                          13,75 Switserland  €                         26,25 * Czech republic  €                          18,70 [...]

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Our story

Everything you see is inspired by nature. In nature people find peace. This is what I want to achieve with my designs for our little ones. In a world where everything is for sale and where you get overstimulated on a daily base, I like to offer something that incitements to take a moment to [...]

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Me, Janneke (35), I am the creator and the designer. I love to call BEZISA a family business; Me and my father meet every week.  He helps me with business administration & financial analyses. My mother-in-law is one of the seamstresses. The studio is furnished with furniture from friends. My kids regularly cycle by and [...]

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Material specification

Our wool felt is made of pure new wool, which is naturally nonflammable and dirt repellent. Our wool felt is non-toxic and meets the high standards of the UNE-EN 71-2, UNE-EN 71-3 and ÖKO-TEX 100. White wool is colored with natural materials in Western Europe. The wooden beads and rings are made of high-quality birchwood [...]

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All our products have a declaration of conformity according to the applicable European safety standard. These can be requested by email. The Toys safety directive: 2009/48/EC Pacifier clips / soother holder standard: NEN EN - 12586_2007+A1:2011 All materials we use are tested and approved according to the most demanding (chemical) safety standards. To maintain and [...]

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EAN Codes

Here you find the EAN codes. Our products are not provided standard with a barcode. If you do prefer to receive our products with stickers, please let us know by sending a short email.

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Our products come standard with paper tags containing all necessary and required information. Products that require packaging (protection or keeping together) are delivered in a linen bag. The linen bags can also be ordered separately as a gift wrap or as marble bags. For shipping we re-use boxes as much as possible.

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