Everything you see is inspired by nature. In nature people find peace. This is what I want to achieve with my designs for our little ones. In a world where everything is for sale and where you get overstimulated on a daily base, I like to offer something that incitements to take a moment to sit back, observe, together with your loved ones.

Handicraft is an art. Something in this economical world we almost seem to forget. We seem to forget how beautiful and valuable it can be. We have our own team with talented ladies who have exceptional skills to put, as a team, the pieces together to come to perfectionistic standards. Working with hands makes us grounded and connected to make safe and special designs for little ones.

BEZISA has been growing very fast. I started from the kitchen table, then we moved to a bigger house, and got my own workspace. In January 2019 we got the opportunity to move to an old school building close to my home. I happily took all the stuff out of my house that had turned into a little factory, crushing through my family life.